19th June 2018

This evening Skegness Camera club welcomed our visiting camera club Hornacastle and our guest speaker John Byford.
Skegness camera club put on refreshments, biscuits and a raffle to celebrate the night.

Our chair man then introduced John Byford who is a local Skegness Photographer.
John started by telling us his history of Photography which started in development of film photography. This then went on to a long speech on all his types of photography, the equipment he uses and where he has been.
John also pointed out some of the hardships he has had to endure such as being in the local media as well as going to dangerous places and dealing with the public.
Johns overall experience has shown he enjoys his work and takes crisism with a pinch of salt. His main subject in photography is a good portrait and even though some of his pictures may not be the best, may not had hours spent editing them,john has enjoyed every minute doing his work and they have all come out how he wants them. Its about connecting with the subject and capturing the moment and not pressed down by the rules of photography that society has put for us. John does not always think oh maybe the back ground should be more blurred, or a person should not be cropped there or the subject is not frames properly. He captures the moment, the spirit and the story of a photograph.

Like all photography it has changed through the times and john has grown with these times learning to process a film, the digital age all the way through to the photography of the latest technology the mobile phone.
Everyone enjoyed his talk and Horncastle thanked us and John for inviting them.
Remember the next camera club meeting will be held the usual time of 7pm starting with out monthly competition on macro and finishing off with a walk to the beach so dont forget your camers.
Minutes of meetings

Cheryl Welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies: Elina

Cheryl reminded everyone that we need members to bring in 2 colour photos each on a stick for the Fosters Competition by 14th March. They must have been taken within the last 2 years, and not been in any LPA competition before

Shelley updated the meeting on upcoming LPA events: Monochrome group - 5th February; Day of Photographic Entertainment - 19th March. Also details of the competition being run by the Market House Photography Group, Long Sutton - this years theme is Lincolnshire Towns & Villages.

She also reminded everyone that the next meeting was a talk on Night Photography and to bring cameras for the second half. The meeting would start promptly at 7pm.

Derek suggested a change to the way points were allocated for the monthly competition. 20 points for the first, 18 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd and so on. This was agreed.

Monthly Competition was held - Open. Terry was 1st, Dave was 2nd and Cheryl 3rd. The draw for the next competition was done. This is for the Fixed Photograph on 28th February and the topic is WILDLIFE.

After the tech talk at the previous meeting, some members HDR photos were then looked at and discussed.

Richard then gave a tech talk on the technique of Panning. Members to bring in their own results on the 28th February.


Keith asked why we were not entering the Photographic News competitions this year. Terry said that the photos he was receiving were not up to standard and the administration of it was too time consuming.

Derek mentioned that he has a camera bag for sale at £10.